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CV Lighting works with Manufacturers, End-users, Specifiers and Integrators (distributor / contractor) to promote the best lighting product for the application at a fair price.


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We offer substantial support throughout the life cycle of your project by:

  • Informing you of the best possible products for your project

  • Providing accurate pricing levels

  • Liaising with your project stakeholders

  • Sharing our combined years of experience and insights in retail lighting


Our regional and global experience can help you grow your business by:

  • Promoting your brand & products, working to create specifications, & follow through beyond final installation

  • Delivering world class support to the market

  • Giving feedback market information & trends

  • Offering opinion on strategic decisions


We can help resolve some of the challenges of your project by:

  • Informing you of our manufacturers products and developments

  • Providing technical and commercial insight during the design process

  • Supplying samples 

  • Giving feedback on project intelligence 


We help remove the roadblocks within the costing process by: 

  • Providing cost certainty on our product offer

  • Real value engineering in conjunction with the designers input

  • Certification and technical support for submissions


We offer substantial support to your project by providing: 

  • Cost certainty on our product offer

  • Real value engineering in conjunction with the designers input

  • Support in technical submissions

  • Onsite guidance with respect to installation and problem solving


We offer support to your business by:

  • Working with specifiers to achieve the best possible result

  • Supporting you in choosing budget appropriate products

  • Assisting with logistical support

  • Answering technical queries 



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Our Team



Chris worked with leading manufacturers in architectural lighting and over the years he has supported specifiers to realise their projects within the GCC and beyond. Previously, Chris was employed as a Consulting Engineer.



Veit’s most recent experience was leading the sales effort for a major lighting manufacturer in the UAE. He has previous experience of successfully setting up and building companies that produce architectural lighting products in North America.





Our Brands

We work with the following brands…

Exceptional projects require exceptional products, which is why world-class designers trust Auroralight to illuminate their most important works. Featuring a complete line of exterior lighting designed to make any landscape shine with distinction. Crafted exclusively from solid copper and brass components, Auroralight luminaires deliver legendary durability and stunning good looks.


Founded in 1979, DIETAL has been designing and manufacturing professional lighting fixtures. As a family business, we continue to develop and produce 100% of our fixtures in Europe, to offer the most reliable, innovative and sustainable lighting solutions. As an international group, we supply nearly 1 million luminaires every year to our customers around the world – the most renowned brands and lighting specialists – that meet their individual needs.


GRAFFITI is the innovative new line of LED lighting solutions from Specialty Lighting Industries. Highly adjustable and hallmarked by superior light quality.

The new Graffiti fixtures provide cost effective LED lighting solutions. As the creative spirit of its name implies, Graffiti systems provide all the quality SLI has grown famous for over the last 25 years, but at reduced lead times, affordableprice points and innovative technologies that will liberate your creative flair.


A specialist category luminaire product development company, commenced operations in 1986, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. David Tilbury, our Founder and industry identity has led the company across the globe. Leading edge product development delivers true, world class, award winning products for use by professional lighting, architectural and building services designers. 


We are committed to becoming your partner and not just another LED vendor. We believe in doing things well and with integrity. Our product line is designed around the needs of the specification community and tailored to utilize just the right technologies to keep our pricing friendly.


Radiant Architectural Lighting provides innovative lighting for projects around the world. Working with lighting designers and architects, we offer bespoke solutions that can be adapted and configured to suit any needs. Our aim is to enhance architecture subtly and beautifully, giving our clients the tools they need to create perfectly illuminated interior and exterior spaces.


Rosco Architectural is comprised of sales specialists and project managers whose primary function is to provide designers, contractors and suppliers with product consultation and customized support from conception through project execution. The group’s mission is to support clients in the creation, coloration and control of light in themed environments; including retail, museum, corporate, hospitality – and anywhere that dramatic architectural lighting is desired.


A German manufacturer of design luminaires, which are ideal for the illumination of foyers, shops and malls, executive suites, and prestigious residential spaces. Thanks to the extremely high quality from design to production and their innovative product developments, the company enjoys an extraordinary international reputation. SATTLER has been awarded numerous design and innovation prizes for their pioneering products. The company is family owned and managed in the second and third generation by Ulrich Sattler and his son Sven Sattler.


SIMES is a consolidated company dedicated to the design and production of superior outdoor lighting fittings. Established in 1973, SIMES has become one of the most reputable manufacturers of architectural outdoor lighting on the international market. More than producing lighting fittings, SIMES produces emotions for architecture, landscape, private contexts and urban spaces.


An independent, family-owned business, Speciality Lighting Industries invents, designs, engineers and manufactures flawless lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, retail, hospitality and residential applications the world over.


STENG LICHT stands for over 100 years of tradition coupled with versatile, contemporary, and innovative products. They offer the ideal solution for any requirement or situation, be it for premium professional project applications or home furnishing. STENG products are developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards on site close to Stuttgart and they are consistently Made in Germany.


Nautic is a collection of authentic light fittings, made from pure materials such as bronze, copper, cast iron and brass. Nautic preserves strong original ways of working and ancient forms with their timeless character, yet at the same time modified for contemporary use, while incorporating today’s standards and demands for finish and technical requirements. Inspiration comes from old trains and ships while our factories employ genuine craftsmanship.  Nautic's main objective is to be there without wishing to be seen; not to be pushy, but honest; not striking, but stylish. In short, as pure as the poetry of light itself.


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